List of Accepted Papers (in submission order)

  1. Dennis Luxen and Dennis Schieferdecker.
    Candidate Sets for Alternative Routes in Road Networks.
  2. Simone Faro and Thierry Lecroq.
    A Multiple Sliding Windows Approach to Speed Up String Matching Algorithms.
  3. Gonzalo Navarro and Daniel Valenzuela.
    Space-Efficient Top-k Document Retrieval.
  4. Georgios Georgiadis and Marina Papatriantafilou.
    Adaptive distributed b-matching in overlays with preferences.
  5. Michael Rice and Vassilis Tsotras.
    Exact Graph Search Algorithms for Generalized Traveling Salesman Path Problems.
  6. Benjamin Albrecht and Volker Heun.
    Space Efficient Modifications to Structator - a Fast Index-Based Search Tool for RNA Sequence-Structure Patterns.
  7. Gonzalo Navarro and Eliana Providel.
    Fast, Small, Simple Rank/Select on Bitmaps.
  8. Jörg Rothe and Lena Schend.
    Control Complexity in Bucklin, Fallback, and Plurality Voting: An Experimental Approach.
  9. Jose L. Walteros and Panos M. Pardalos.
    A Decomposition Approach for Solving Critical Clique Detection Problems.
  10. Masashi Kiyomi, Yoshio Okamoto and Toshiki Saitoh.
    Efficient Enumeration of the Directed Binary Perfect Phylogenies from Incomplete Data.
  11. Sonia Cafieri, Pierre Hansen, Lucas Létocart, Leo Liberti and Frédéric Messine.
    Compact relaxations for polynomial programming problems.
  12. Annabell Berger and Matthias Müller-Hannemann.
    How to Attack the NP-complete Dag Realization Problem in Practice.
  13. David Manlove and Gregg O'Malley.
    Paired and Altruistic Kidney Donation in the UK: Algorithms and Experimentation.
  14. Stelios Joannou and Rajeev Raman.
    Dynamizing Succinct Tree Representations.
  15. Eric Angel, Romain Campigotto and Christian Laforest.
    Implementation and Comparison of Heuristics for the Vertex Cover Problem on Huge Graphs.
  16. Martin Dietzfelbinger, Hendrik Peilke and Michael Rink.
    A More Reliable Greedy Heuristic for Maximum Matchings in Sparse Random Graphs.
  17. Alberto Costa and Leo Liberti.
    Relaxations of multilinear convex envelopes: dual is better than primal.
  18. Ilya Safro, Peter Sanders and Christian Schulz.
    Advanced Coarsening Schemes for Graph Partitioning.
  19. Amr Elmasry, Jyrki Katajainen and Max Stenmark.
    Branch Mispredictions Don't Affect Mergesort.
  20. Mattia D'Emidio, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Daniele Frigioni and Camillo Vitale.
    Fully Dynamic Maintenance of Arc-Flags in Road Networks.
  21. Donatella Firmani, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Luigi Laura, Alessio Orlandi and Federico Santaroni.
    Computing Strong Articulation Points and Strong Bridges in Large Scale Graphs.
  22. Farnaz Moradi, Tomas Olovsson and Philippas Tsigas.
    An Evaluation of Community Detection Algorithms on Large-Scale Email Traffic.
  23. Dominik Kirchler, Leo Liberti and Roberto Wolfler Calvo.
    A label correcting algorithm for the shortest path problem on a multi-modal route network.
  24. Mattia D'Emidio, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Daniele Frigioni and Vinicio Maurizio.
    Engineering a new loop-free shortest paths routing algorithm.
  25. Pierluigi Crescenzi, Roberto Grossi, Leonardo Lanzi and Andrea Marino.
    On Computing the Diameter of Real-World Directed (Weighted) Graphs.
  26. Guillaume Fertin, Hafedh Mohamed Babou and Irena Rusu.
    Algorithms for subnetwork mining in heterogeneous networks.
  27. Andrei Negoescu, Gabriel Moruz, Volker Weichert and Christian Neumann.
    Engineering Efficient Paging Algorithms.
  28. Christina Büsing and Fabio D'Andreagiovanni.
    New results about multi-band uncertainty in Robust Optimization.
  29. Rodrigo F. Toso, Casimir A. Kulikowski and Ilya B. Muchnik.
    A heuristic for non-convex variance-based clustering criteria.
  30. Pierre Pesneau, Ruslan Sadykov and Francois Vanderbeck.
    Feasibility Pump Heuristics for Column Generation Approaches.
  31. Annalisa D'Andrea and Guido Proietti.
    Reoptimizing the strengthened metric TSP on multiple edge weight modifications.